Blessington, Co. Wicklow, photo courtesy of Maximilian Cope

Welcome to our new service.

Our present programme is now completed. We will be returning soon with a new programme. If you would like to be updated on our upcoming programme, please email cho7recoveryed@gmail.com.

 We deliver workshops & courses on topics relating to managing your wellbeing and mental health recovery.

We offer engaging, connecting and informative workshops that:

  • seek to build on people’s capacity to manage their wellbeing and deal with their mental health challenges and
  • support the development of people’s talents, abilities, and self-determination. 

I really, really enjoyed the session. I liked how the Facilitators encouraged sharing and interaction.

A Student

Excellent session. l felt like I have a few more tools to help me to cope. I felt uplifted with the rich discussion and connection. Authenticity also.

A Student

Blessington, Co. Wicklow, photo courtesy of M. Cope